After Friday’s stinging loss, third in a row, plummeting with no reversal in sight, I posit that hoping the Jays make the playoffs is like being in a relationship with someone way out of your league.  You know she is going to break up with you sooner or later.  What’s the point of getting her to agree to go to the Wild Card Dance (which is looking more and more improbable), if you know she’s going to break your heart a week later?

The entire city feels as if this huge emotional investment for half a year was just dropped down the toilet.  So what do we do?  We act the way we might if we got dumped.  “Oh, I was going to break up with her anyways.  You know, she did so many things that drove me crazy.  This way, I’ll have more time to do important things.  We were in a rut.”  Yeah, right.  Heartbreak is heartbreak and it sucks. (Photo credit:

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