Paul Stephen Rose


I am an experienced high school teacher looking to transition into writing for a wider audience.

I have had the very good fortune to teach English, drama, history and Theory of Knowledge for years to wonderful students. A teacher’s responsibilities include plenty of writing and, as such, I’ve written countless units, culminating assignments, exams, reference letters, trip proposals, retirement tributes and dramatic parodies.  My developing interest in writing has also seen me co-author a published work in the Boldprint reading series for reluctant readers,  complete reviews of books, music and films, and write a full length play that was performed at the school where I teach.  In addition to the editing that comes with teaching, I have formally edited a community newsletter for several years and informally edited work for friends, family and colleagues for decades.

I am married and have two sons.  When I am not marking or prepping lessons, I enjoy writing, reading, bicycling, basketball, baseball, hiking, theatre and documentary films.

I have a Bachelor of Arts (Honours),  a Masters of Arts and a Bachelor of Education, all earned from the University of Toronto.

I am interested in a wide variety of genres including short fiction, drama, non-fiction, and poetry, and an array of subject matters such as politics, the environment, music, film, literature, sports, education, travel and technology’s effect on culture.

This website aims to allow people easier access to my writing and to promote myself as a writer and editor for hire.